Natalya Ageyeva
Beautiful DreamerMODE Magazine

“Better known to Northwest audiences by her previous name (Natalya Kalendarev), this pianist was formerly a member a member of the Finisterra Trio and holds her DMA from the University of Washington. This new CD showcases her formidable technique in repertoire extending from Clementi to Chopin and Liszt.”

Melinda Bargreen, music critic, The Seattle Times

“I am always struck by her presence both as a human being and a musician. She immediately hooks her audience with the drama and doesn’t let go of them until the last drop of the piece, and such variety of sound and color…this is a rare thing.”

Deborah Dewey, pianist

“The playing is superb. The trills, octave passage work, rapid scales, and other brilliant passage work create a formidable challenge to any player, which Natalya Kalendarev meets superbly in the performance recorded here.”

Paul Schiavo, musicologist and program annotator, Seattle Symphony

“I just finally got around to listening to Natalya Ageyeva’s solo CD of Clementi, Chopin and Liszt. Beautifully done all around.”

Jerry Kracht, Director, Second City Chamber Music Series, Tacoma

“In an array of very distinguished performances, we feel as though your entry reflected the kind of intelligent interpretation and technical expertise essential in an artist.”

Barry Alexander, adjudicator, Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, New York

“Excellent record with such difficult pieces. Most of them you never played for me and I was glad to discover another side of you. The Clementi Sonata is moving.”

Bela Siki, professor and pianist

“This was inspired superlative music making and an appreciative audience gave a standing ovation, well earned, at its conclusion.”

Elizabeth Widel, The Chronicle (Central Washington)